Top 4 Reasons to Take Advantage of the TimeSaver Pass at Dollywood Theme Park

Jun 24, 2019

If you are planning to visit Dollywood during your vacation to the Smoky Mountains, make the most of your day with the TimeSaver Pass! While this special pass requires an extra fee above the cost of Dollywood admission, it is well worth the investment to guarantee a perfect day at the park! Here are the top 4 reasons to take advantage of the TimeSaver Pass at Dollywood Theme Park:

1. Less Time Waiting in Line

One of the primary benefits of the TimeSaver Pass at Dollywood Theme Park is that it allows you to spend less time waiting in line for rides! This pass allows you to use the expedited entrances 10 times throughout the day at your choice of TimeSaver attractions. Your combination of 10 rides can include 10 different attractions, or you can ride your favorite rides up to 10 times! The queues for the most popular rides at Dollywood can get quite long on busy days, so why spend your day waiting in line when you can be enjoying other attractions, shops and restaurants within the park!

2. Unlimited Daily Show Reservations

Dollywood Theme Park is well known for their world-class shows, and there is limited seating availability in all of their theaters. This means that guests must often line up 30-60 minutes early just to guarantee a spot for a show! However, when you purchase the TimeSaver Pass, you can make unlimited daily show reservations so that you can avoid these lines! When you want to make your reserved seating at a select show, simply choose a show time and make a reservation with a TimeSaver Show Reservationist. Then you just need to arrive at the theater at least 10 minutes before the scheduled show time!

3. Make the Most of One Day

If you only have one day to experience everything that Dollywood Theme Park has to offer, the TimeSaver Pass is the best way to make the most of the day! Otherwise, you may find yourself scrambling around the park to ride all of the thrill rides and see a few shows before the park closes for the day. This doesn’t leave much time to dine at one of the park’s fabulous restaurants or to explore all of the unique shops. While the basic TimeSaver Pass is an excellent option, you can even upgrade to a TimeSaver Unlimited Pass that includes unlimited access to all of the expedited entrances at TimeSaver attractions!

4. Reasonable Prices

Although the TimeSaver Pass is an extra fee beyond the price of admission to Dollywood Theme Park, it is available for a reasonable price that is much less than comparable fast pass systems at other amusement parks. When you think about how much time you are saving throughout the entire day, it is well worth spending the extra money. After all, your vacation time is valuable so there is no need to waste it standing in long lines!

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